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breastfeeding aid

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the context

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends 
infants be exclusively breastfed until they are 6 months old and supplement food until the baby is one year old.

the benefits

Benefits for baby include protection from illness, transfer of nutrients, and less health risks. Benefits for mom include quicker recovery and fewer health risks.

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the problem

New mothers are more susceptible to certain injuries because of hormonal fluctuations, fluid accumulation, and nerve hypersensitivity.

the specifics

62% of new moms have Carpal Tunnel compared to 4% of the general population. 90% of people with de Quervain’s are new moms. Symptoms include numbness + tingling.



Attended a breastfeeding class at a local hospital and observed a breastfeeding support group. Interviewed mothers with

a variety of experiences. 

My doctor said that this [Carpal      Tunnel] is just part of being a new  mom. He told me to let it go.



 Christy, mom of two. Carpal Tunnel for 6 months


problem statement

How can design reduce physical pain during breastfeeding while also connecting the dots of the many sequential experiences

that make breastfeeding such a holistic journey?

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