exhibit design, client work

garwood medical exhibits

solo project as part-time designer at we r xhibits


the client

Garwood Medical has patented technologies that provide electrical stimulation treatments for chronic wound healing and bone growth.


the events

Exhibits were for the Orthopaedic Summit in December 2019 and the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons annual meeting in march 2020.

the project brief

Design a 20x10 ft. booth that can transform into a 10x10 ft. booth. later revised to a 20x20 ft. booth and a 10x10 ft. booth.

1904 Garwood Medical Acrylic box perspec

the requirements

Must include a reception desk, tables/stands, tv, hanging sign, product displays, and a plexi box for cadaver leg.

visual language

Received two promotional materials as starting points for the exhibits. Inspired by large blocks of color and white half circle in the middle of pamphlet. 

Brochure_GarwoodMedical_v2-updated (1)_P
20x20 FIXED RENDER.jpg
10x10 Render 1.194.jpg